Sunday, 18 October 2015

Indulge Thy Interest!

Even before I had Khloe, I already promised myself that if I'll have a kid, I will do everything I can to support whatever interest them. This comes with, me, having to psychologically prepare myself to being a mother. This is not because I want to give them what I never had before, but simply because I believe that this is how a parent should be -- supportive!

I started Khloe with once a week, one hour class, 'Wiggles & Giggles' with the community center, when she was 2 years old. This is how I tried to start her with her social interaction with other kids her age, given that she was never in day care. I noticed then that she likes playing by herself, and her listening span with story time really short. She'd rather explore and play. Then, I added one more trip on every Friday, to visit the City library for a Story Time with the other kids. It kind of helped me start a routine with her, and both activities  taught her a sense of pattern, that she looks forward to our date every Friday and Saturday.

When she turned three, I started her with Creative Movements in ballet. It is a half an hour class every Saturday, and it was an activity to remember. They were 5 in the class, and Khloe met her match with one of the girls -- and just like that, most of those classes were a riot for both of them. I remember pulling her out twice from the class because the hyperness were just insane. I remember, missing 3 classes because I wanted her to know that I mean business, and that she has to behave when taking her ballet classes. But, indeed, what do three years old know? If other parents go through the Terrible Twos stage, this ballet class introduced to me a whole new meaning to the world of Three Year Olds! So after almost 8 months of this, recital came, and she redeemed herself. She behaved all through out their 3-minute recital number.Up to now, at the age of 6, she is still doing her ballet class, which she added with an acro class, back-to-back for her 2nd year now. And to add one more on her dance resume, she is taking hiphop class in a different studio, where I do my zumba class. It's our way of testing the water for what else could she do.

Same year after her first dance recital, I registered her to her first sport - soccer. It was a two-month, house league game with an all-girls soccer club. She had a blast -- and I found myself with a promising soccer player for a daughter. Until now, soccer fills up our entire Summer thursdays. Next year, she'll move up to the next level of the house league and it looks like she still have that soccerlove-fire burning within her. It's gonna be fun watching her push herself. And not because I am just a proud Mom, but this girl had so much soccer spirit in her.

The next year, after turning 4, I decided to introduce to her the world of gymnastic. I realized that Khloe had so much energy in her that she might like this sport, too. Add to that, her Dad's cousin is one heck of a gymnast, and I wish for Khloe to be inspired by her. Of course, Khloe loves it so much, she just wanna do it everyday. But as much as I love her loving the sport, this one is not cheap. So I talked to Khloe about her option, and told her that if she wanna try acrobatics first, she can have gymanstics every spring and summer. And just like a fairytale, we compromised and we alternate the two every year. One thing I noticed with Khloe, as soon as she started school, her hyperness gone, and the reasonable Khloe emerged. This was also ghe perfect moment for me to start her with swimming lessons. And just like a glove, she fits in like a fish. She still enjoys her swimming classes up to now, and she always aims to learn more skills as she progresses. This is despite her gruesome schedule every Saturday. Khloe never whine about waking up early on a weekend, nor cry for being tired with her back to back weekend activities.

After turning 5, I gave up fighting her wish to try skating. She begged me for years, and after watching the Sochi Winter Olympics, she begged for more. I saw the passion from her desperation to try the sport, that I psyched myself to be ready for this one (because I know she will love this crazily), and finally, indulged her. No experience, no knowledge, but as soon as she stepped on the ice, she didn't fell off for the first half an hour. Not until someone fell off and brought her down. She learned so fast and so quick of this sport, it's scary. She begged me to continue even on spring and summer, and of fall, but I made her set her priorities. Picking one activity, at the expense of another one, is something she has to think about, and to decide. 

Others asked me as to why I let her do all of these when she is too young, still. And I tell them -- becauase she wants to. As simple as that. She loves doing all of it, she excels in them, and she have so much fun. Above all, she meet different kind of kids.

I am never a stage mom. I have no intention of sending Khloe to the competetive level of any of these activities. My sole reason, is for her to learn the skills and have fun. Aiming for more than that is not for me to ask of her.  With the rate she is going, she could have ask us for more classes. She is really invested with most of these. She asked me from time to time,  but I always tell her that doing more means sacrificing more. Also, it means paying more. And Khloe is that girl who always knows where we are at financial-wise. And it is always our rule that Academics first before anything else. Not that she lacks in academics. 

We, actually, indulge her with these activities because she handles all of these so perfectly, that she amazes us all the time. These activities are just a bonus for her. She is a God's gift to us, most especially, because she grew up to be an awesome student in school, and a good girl to everyone. She is that girl whom a lot of people had tapped me in the shoulder and told me I am such a lucky Mom. And that just meeting or seeing her a short time. She is that Khloe her family loves dearly, because she is God-fearing, kind, obedient and very sweet. She is that Khloe we love, because she is simply herself.

And she deserves all of these activities, because she is all that!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Motherhood is not just a journey for me, nor just a responsibility,
It is a commitment that I take very seriously. And no matter what other people say, I stand firm with my belief that my kid, is first and foremost, my priority in life.

A lot of people question my lack of drive to pursue my career, or a career, for that matter. I always tell them that I decided to be a Mother, instead. Some would say that it is such a waste of intelligence. Others dismissed me and deemed me a dumb. BUT, I care not.

When I look at my daughter, I know I made the right decision. 

For me, motherhood is not just giving birth and raising kids. Motherhood is about a commitment to raise that kid you gave birth to, with good morals, good values and good perspective in life. This is not about second guessing their heirarchy in your priorities in life. They are, and should always be your priority. The rest are just your other obligation.

Every girl, every lady, every woman should never take for granted the power of Motherhood. Anybody could be a parent, but it takes more than a genetic formula to be a mother. It is the tie that binds, the hand that heals, and the heart that forever commits. It is beyond richness, beyond wealth, beyond intelligence.

Motherhood is calling that you submit yourself into. You should not stop in the middle of your journey and say, 'I am not ready for this.' This is that point when you set your kids aside and prioritize something else. It is the point when you losen that tie that binds. And just like that, your kid would second-guess their place in this world.

The power of Motherhood can break or unbreak a  child's psyche. The cord that binds Mother & Child since conception is unbelievably strong, that if you believe in it's strength, you know you and your child is forever connected to one another.

So, careful how you handle youself as a Mother. Because once you are ready when you decide to submit yourself into Motherhood, you know you want to raise a wonderful kid. And no husband, no friend, no neighbour should tell you otherwise. Motherhood is a calling and a decision, solely you, yourself can make. 

I am no perfect Mom, but I know I raised a wonderful kid. I raised her as how I wanted to raise her, right from the day I decided to be a Mom. Because I know at that moment, I am ready!

Salute to all Mothers!

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

To Blog Or Not To Blog

 I started blogging because I just want to document my thoughts.

Since teen years, I really felt this desire to write -- be that a poem, or a scribbled fiction of my real world. But my lack of vocabulary and incompetence in the English language limited my writings to the plain and the simple. Afraid that I'll humiliate myself by writing so plainly, I kept my desire under wraps, and write only at the comfort of my diary and worn-out notebooks. 

Time passed and I piled away my notes, my notebooks, my inner world of thoughts. But came this electronic age, and blogging became very enticing. 

I started a blog, a very random one. It was all over the place, that I never tried to maintain it. But what surprised me was that, despite my blog being basic and all, some of my posts got viewed thousand times. And it hit me. If a random thought, or a simple post could draw so much views, 'Then, what the heck am I doing in this blogging world and not taking it seriously?'

The hits on my old blog made me realized how powerful words could be. That, if I am able to reach out to someone else with my Pen of Thoughts, then I might have written something right or something wrong. Something interesting, something of a bore. But one thing is for sure, blogging got me all over the maps. My live feed made me realized that.

So, now I blog again, not just as a therapy to my inner psyche... but to hopefully reach out to others, as well.

With my train of thoughts, I have my Pen of Thoughts. 
I will write like there's no tomorrow, I will write with all my heart!

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Back to Blogging!

I dragged myself away from all of my brain's excuses to not go back to blogging. My auto-brain can't seem to stop what my heart wishes -- I mean, it's been long overdue! So here I am now... back to my Pen of Thoughts. 

I am excited that I am back with the mood. It's been more than a year since I last posted on my other blog. Life was hectic, hectic was my life. I always try to write... but time can't seem to freeze, even just for a moment. I never had that chance to immerse myself with the world of words... that's why I am so happy right now, because finally I am blogging. 

I started a new blog... my old one inspired me to start something anew. Maybe this time I will have a direction. Something to read sensibly, something not random. Maybe at some point I'll throw caution to the wind and write brazenly... but I do hope that I am more wiser now. 

Hopefully I could inspire not just my inner psyche, but also that of others. I believe in the power of pen. I know it can do wonders. Freeing my thoughts heals me, it gives me inner peace. 

Blogging is my OWN moment in time. 
Blogging is me, myself and my moment!